Videos from Planetary Conference and BBC news with GMACCC


Lieutenant General Tariq Waseem Ghazi (Ret.) of Pakistan and Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti (Ret.) of the UK  were featured in a highlight video wrap from the Planetary Security Conference 2016 that was held at    the Peace Palace in The Hague on 5-6 December.

(Photo: General Ghazi and Alice Hill on the panel of the working group on climate risk for defence and intelligence)

Watch the Planetary Security Conference video highlights   


The Planetary Security Initiative aims to 1) increase awareness 2) to deepen knowledge  3) to develop and promote policies and good practice guidance on climate and security.  The goal is to help governments, the private sector and international institutions better secure peace and cooperation in times of climate change and global environmental challenges.

Also, Major General Muniruzzaman (Ret.) of Bangladesh and Brigadier General Stephen Cheney (Ret.) of the U.S. shared their views on the importance of action on climate and related immigration on BBC World News (1 Dec. 2016):

Watch the BBC video report 




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