Group Captain Manoj Kumar, VSM

Group Captain Manoj Kumar, VSM

Serving Indian Air Force (IAF) officer

Captain Kumar  is a mechanical engineering graduate from IIT BHU, India.

He is a serving Indian Air Force (IAF) officer and has held a number of vital staff and field assignments in the last 26 years of his engagement with the IAF. Captain Kumar has been awarded the Presidential Medal for his distinguished service. He is presently working on issues of resource optimisation and environment management by the Indian military.

Captain Kumar is also a resource person with United Nations Environment Programme for protection of the Ozone Layer. His first work on the subject has been published by UNEP in the form of a book on ozone protection – ‘Toolkit of Good Practices for Defence Forces’. His second book ‘Environment Change and National Security’ explored linkages between climate change and human security. The third book ‘Resource Optimisation through Environment Leadership’ focuses on dealing with the subject of environment change in an unconventional manner to achieve buy- in with the stakeholders especially the military. His focus areas also include energy conservation and technology management in defence forces. He has presented research papers on the subject at both national and international levels.